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Meet The Crew

Ken Heath - Founder/Senior Editor

Ken's interest in music and equipment dates back to early childhood, the radio was always playing and he was usually building or disassembling something! Growing up in the late 60's and through the 70's with 93 KHJ-AM and 94.7 KMET-FM, relatives in the radio business, WKRP on tv and finally, the film FM in theaters, he stepped off into the DJ world, in 1978 Powerplay was born with his friend Mark Houts.

Through the years, Ken joined the United States Marine Corps, went overseas, came home, started and raised a family, held a myriad assortment of "day jobs", but his passion was always his DJ career. In 1989 Ken saw a small ad in the classified section of a Mobile Beat magazine loaned to him by a fellow DJ and became involved with ProDJ.com as the Moderator of their on-line forum. ProDJ.com and Mobile Beat Magazine would feature prominently in Ken's future. The site grew, specialized chat boards were added, a larger Moderating Staff grew. Ryan Burger and ProDJ.com began playing a larger role in the annual Mobile Beat DJ Convention in Las Vegas, eventually acquiring the magazine and rolling all the enterprises together under the Mobile Beat name. Ken's board at ProDJ.com was a catalyst for many friendships throughout the industry, it's where Ken met GroovieLou.

In 2008 Ken and fellow DJ, Louis Silva (aka GroovieLou) decided to start their own site for the purpose of reviewing equipment and prodjreview.com was established.

Louis Silva - Co-Founder/Senior Editor (RIP)

Mark Evans - Editor In Chief

Rhiannon Heath - Staff Writer

Rhiannon has been interested in music and DJing practically since birth! She spent her childhood assisting her Dad in the family entertainment business and booked her first independent event at the age of 15. Her main interests lie in stage and lighting production, and she has worked with the travelling crew of Cirque de Soliel.

Paul Pervano - Staff Writer

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